A resource for integrated genetical genomic analysis of the human liver




Key features:


  •  Multiple liver datasets, including a microarray meta-analysis, and the UNC RNA-Seq liver study

  • Searchable database by dbSNP ID, Gene Symbol and genomic coordinate

  • Segment plot of cis-eQTL for each gene

    • Bar shows location of gene body.

    • Segment shows SNP location.

    • Connected lines indicate cis-eQTL association

    • The height and color of each segment indicates strength of eQTL.

  • Manhattan plot for cis-eQTL

    • Gene based plots of associated eQTLs in the genomic window

    • Multiple plots if multiple genes in the genomic window

  • Population specific eQTL on different tracks or subtracks

  • Users’ selection of favored datasets or tracks

License agreement:
The eQTL browser of seeQTL is under the Perl Artistic License, which allows for unrestricted use including commercial use.